Friday, February 27, 2009

Jerk Chicken!

This has nothing to do with chicken - it's just a cool picture I shot yesterday afternoon. You can see that it is raining out at sea in the dark patches.

Today we have lots of sunshine, no rain for the first time in days. Julio is hard at work on the yard. Every now and then there are some big, dark clouds popping up, so rain could still be in our future.

Today, after grocery shopping, Don decided he wanted something different for lunch, so we went to the Blue Parrot. This just reopened as a Jamacian restaurant, and everyone has had good things to say about it. The Jamacian cook has not arrived yet, but whoever is cooking now does a pretty good job. I ordered the jerk burger after hearing Merlin rave about it - and it was fantastic. My tongue is still tingling.

While we were sitting there waiting for our food to come out, this rooster and a couple of hens came walking into the outdoor dining area. Clearly this rooster is operating on a different time schedule, because he hopped up onto the railing and began crowing! That brought the owner out to shoo him and his entourage away, but not before I got this shot.

On the way home, we had to slow down for a large green iguana crossing the road. Wildlife everywhere.

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