Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunset Duel

Another stunning sunset last night. Kellie and I had just finished a game of Rummikub on the deck when Don called our attention to the developing sunset. We quickly grabbed our cameras and began shooting. This rapidly became a game of dueling cameras as we compared shots. My camera has a built-in sunset filter which enhances the colors. Kellie's camera seems to take more unfiltered shots, so we had a good natured argument about whose pictures were the best.

The sun is beginning to move north. I can already tell the difference in the sun's position when setting up my shots. I told Kellie she could get a really interesting frame for her sunset by shooting through the "hole" in the tree's branches (on the left in some of the photos), only to realize that the sun had moved too far to the right (or north) to do that anymore.

We loved the second shot - with the vividly blue sky and puffy, white clouds (unfiltered), just a bit left (or south) of the sunset. We had another lingering display of colors after the sun touched down.

Kellie's dad returned today - we picked him up at the airport after church and lunch. Then we packed Kellie and Moe up and drove them up the hill to their house, in the downpour. I'm sure Moe will be happy to be back home where he can come in and out at will. I know Kellie was very glad to see her dad and probably happy to get back to her own room.

We just might miss them...

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