Sunday, February 8, 2009

Perfect Muffins!

It was a cool, rainy morning and I had a hankering for oatmeal muffins. Seemed like a good time to fire up the new oven and test it out. Now that I understand the strange numbering system on the control knob, it is easier to shoot for a certain temperature. I overshot 400 degrees just a bit, backed it off a little and it was just right. I marked that position on the knob with a dot from the Sharpie marker. The muffins came out just right - no burned bottoms! I noticed another strange feature of all ovens sold here - just one oven shelf. We don't think anyone bakes much on this island - too hot much of the time, so I guess one shelf is sufficient.

The rain stopped just in time for us to go to church. Always nice. We were very sorry to hear that our preacher here at Son Rise, Chuck Laird, is very ill with both malaria and dengue fever. He could use all our prayers for a speedy and complete recovery. Fortunately, there are other preachers in our congregation, one recently retired, one former preacher who's now doing missionary work, and perhaps others, who can cover for him until he's well.

I suppose with all this rain, the mosquitoes are worse than usual. We really don't see many up on our hill - too windy most of the time. But this should be a wake-up call for us, don't get too lax about using insect repellent when out and about. We have noticed that there is frequently standing water around the church grounds and it is very near the beach, too.

After church, we went to Que Tal for lunch with Colin and Kellie - Kellie's idea. She wanted curry soup, but they didn't have any today, however, the black bean/jalapeno soup was very good. So was the spicy chicken wrap. Afterwards, we all went for a walk on the beach behind Lawson's Rock (a beautiful, swanky condo/villa development where Que Tal is also located). I was wishing I had brought my camera, even though it is a gray, cloudy day. There are lots of neat flat rocks along the beach and lots of tiny hermit crabs and other little creatures get washed up on and around the rocks. Makes for a fascinating walk. I know that when the sun is out, this is a very beautiful spot. I'll have to come back with the camera.

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