Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sunsets from the hill

This is the view of the sunset from our deck.

And this is the sunset as viewed from the top of the hill at Colin's house.

Both nice, huh? I had always wanted to compare a sunset this way and last night was a good opportunity to try it. Colin and Kellie had invited us up for dinner and a movie and to come early and watch the sunset if we wanted. So we started the viewing at our house and then ran up to their house to watch the end. The ocean view is more expansive from the top of the hill, but the colors are just great at either place.

Their housekeeper, Daisy, made pastillos - like empanadas, stuffed with ground beef, onions, peppers, and then fried. Very, very good. The movie was Slumdog Millionaire, recently purchased from the movie pirates. Really a good movie and up for many Academy Awards nominations. I recommend this movie - quite a good story of life in the Mumbai slums. The living conditions are just unbelievable. Colin has been there and could corroborate the setting. Fun evening. We think this will be a regular event. Next up: The Amazing Tale of Benjamin Buttons (think I got that title right). Kellie still hasn't finished reading Marley and Me.

The new stove is working fine, so far. Had a comment posted on yesterday's blog by Don's friend, Darrell, about the quality of Mabe products (see below). So perhaps this stove will be far superior to the other.

Don had a furocious battle with big black ants this morning. I heard all this slapping out on the deck, and there was Don with flyswatter in hand beating the ants. Then we got out the Raid and the Combat. There were literally hundreds of them, marching single-file in multiple places up the deck walls and posts. Hundreds and hundreds. Ewww! I took pictures but then decided that it was just too creepy to post here. They are currently all doubt huddled below the deck, plotting their next assault. And we're out of Raid. And nearly out of Combat.

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