Monday, February 23, 2009


Our hillside - looking over the deck railing

About the time I think the rainy season is over, it rains. Of course, in the tropics it does rain all year round, just not as much at a time. We've had 1.7 inches in the past 24 hours. It is green and lush and very beautiful.

The rain did stop long enough for Debi and I to begin our new beach walking regimen; we walked for about 45-50 mins. this morning along the Sandy Bay beach from church almost to the Bay Islands Beach Resort. We had an escort of 4 or 5 dogs, all friendly, who helped keep away any unfriendly beasts. Debi brought her camera, but I had forgotten mine, so no pictures.

Debi and Bob were going to French Harbor today, so I rode along. I needed to stop by Arlie Thompson's insurance office to drop off those papers proving that our car was legally brought into Honduras. Bob and Debi just got their residency and needed to drop off some paperwork with their lawyer, but she was out sick today.

We both needed some groceries, so a trip to Eldon's was in order. We learned that we both actually enjoy grocery shopping and both dislike clothes shopping, especially trying on clothes. We were also thrilled to find a couple of odd things at a neat little shop across the road from Eldon's. I finally found the flashlight bulb that I've been searching for, and Debi found a replacement carafe for her coffeemaker. Huzzah!

By the time we finished with the groceries, it was raining hard again. We still stopped at one of the pickup trucks selling produce alongside the road and despite having an umbrella, I got pretty wet. I got even wetter unloading my groceries from their car into my car and then from my car into the house.

Then I had to go up the hill to check on Kellie who stayed home from school today with a one-sided swelling below her right ear along her neck. Don't think it's mumps, and she's had the MMR shots. Drove her down the hill to see Wenda, a retired Canadian nurse, and she also didn't think it was mumps. We're both thinking viral infection of some kind. Wenda suggested taking her to the clinic bright and early in the a.m. and having one of the visiting U.S. pediatricians look at her.

We have part two of our Spanish exam today - the oral part, so I need to practice some more. Oh, and it is pouring again. Guess I'll be wet....again.


  1. What a gorgeous pictures.....reminded me of the movie Gorillas in the Mist....I half expected to see a gorilla or two in the foliage!!


  2. No gorillas here but there are monkeys on the island!