Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lobster Claw

This is a "lobster claw" heliconia. I didn't realize until this morning that Merlin even had this type of heliconia blooming on her hill across from our house. She had one of her gardeners cutting some to take inside and had him cut some for me, too. She said it will last for weeks inside! The vase is Leinca pottery, made in Honduras.

After a beautiful, clear morning, the clouds have moved back in, the temperature has dropped to a cool 74 degrees, and it is threatening to rain any minute. My friend, Tia, came up and visited with me this afternoon, sitting out on the deck and enjoying the view and the breeze. She doesn't get much of either, living at the church. I've written about this before, I think...she and her husband, Pastor Chuck, and their children also run a small hotel connected to the church where mission teams stay and they live on the premises, so she's never far from work or home. I'm pretty sure she enjoyed her little break from the routine today. I know I did.

This morning, as I was hanging up laundry, I heard meowing, and I wondered...could that be Moe? Yup. I looked out the gate and there was Moe walking down the retaining wall toward me. I guess he just decided to come visit since Kellie was in school and maybe he was lonely up the hill without an ankle to bite. I gave him some water and he drank, a lot. I got the feeling that he had been outside chasing lizards for quite awhile. I wondered what to do with him...I had sent all his food back home with Kellie and Colin. My phone wasn't working, so I couldn't call. I thought the chances of Moe letting me carry him back up the hill without shredding my arms were nil. I finally decided to walk up there, see if Colin was home, and see if Moe would follow me. He did! And Colin was home. I suspect that Moe will be a frequent visitor now...we have more lizards here than up the hill (he's caught most of the hilltop ones, or scared them away). I just hope he can avoid the dogs when they're out.

I picked Kellie up from school this afternoon and had her look at my phone, hoping that she could somehow fix it. She did. I had fiddled with it all morning and got nowhere. She fiddled a couple of minutes, not really sure what she did, but it now works, so I'm happy.


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