Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sunset On The Sea

Last night we had one of those cool sunsets where the sun sets down right on the water. Those are actually somewhat rare as clouds generally will appear and shroud the sun's last drop, even if the day has been cloud-free up until then. This one even produced good color; usually you'll see better color when clouds are present. We love having a ring-side seat for the sunset every evening. We draw our chairs up to the deck rail and keep the camera handy. And it's really nice if a cruise ship happens to be passing by, actually a frequent occurence.

Our Spanish lesson went well yesterday. Esmerelda quizzed us on our vocab words we were to have memorized and we took turns practicing our dialogue. We are all struggling with a few things, such as, how the y in "yo" is pronounced "jo", with a hard j. Everyone in our small class attends SonRise church and when we sing some of the hymns in Spanish and sing the word "yo", which means I, we hear "yo" no j sound. Esmerelda said yes, that may be, but it isn't correct. She said you hear a number of things which are incorrect. Great! But, I guess that's true in English as well.

Esmerelda likes to open the class (or close it) with a prayer, and believe me, we can use all the prayers we can get with this! She has challenged each one of us to come up with a short prayer of our own, in Spanish, of course. Whew! I'm glad she said "short". I'll let you know how we do.

We've been out to the paint stores today looking at colors. The Sherwin-Williams store had the paint color strips just like back in the States, but they were out of quite a few, including many of the shades that I was interested in. We went to the new, very modern Glidden store near French Harbor. They had no sample strips to give out, only a color swatch collection bound together that you could look at in the store. I finally chose two colors and had them mix a quart of each. Their mixer is all computerized, just like Lowe's! And it saves the information, so if I like these colors and go back for more, they'll know what to mix. I'm considering ocean colors for our quarters and sunset colors for the guest quarters (per Rachel's request).

Stopped at Plaza Mar for groceries: this weeks adventure yielded no bacon, no hot dogs (Don eats these!), don't like to buy lunch meat here, no decent tortilla chips, just the thick, greasy ones they've been having. They did have the big package of chicken breasts though and lots of fresh bread (sometimes they have NO bread). Drove down to West Bay to visit the nice deli and bought ham, bacon, and Schrieber (Wisconsin) cheeses! Our good friend, Jim Zeller, works for Schrieber; I think a business trip to Roatan is in order, Jim, and bring your wife!

We're going to attempt a taco pizza tonight, using my bread machine to make the pizza dough. I have no idea how my tempermental oven will take to this assignment, but at least a pizza doesn't take too long to bake, or burn.

Ok, I'd better get to work on that prayer now...

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