Friday, February 20, 2009

More on Moe


I've been laughing myself silly over the antics of Kellie and Moe. Kellie has been trying to secure the deck railing so Moe can't escape. She has cardboard woven in between the bars and pieces of lumber pushed against the cardboard. Every time she lets Moe out, he instantly finds a new way to defeat her system. The lure of lizard-chasing is just too powerful. Moe is timidly interested in the monkey-la-las running around, but really likes the little anoles the best. Kellie has been very determined to improve her set-up, but I think she may have finally given up after 4 or 5 escapes in a row.

I came home from Bible study last night to find Kellie and Don sitting in the sliding doorways on either side of the deck, Kellie with Moe, and Don with a very attractive black female cat who was trying to woo Moe. He wasn't too sure what to think about her - I guess he's a bit too young for that.

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