Monday, February 16, 2009

Super Sunday

These photos were all taken at Lawson's Rock, an upscale condo development not too far from the church and where we had lunch again at Que Tal after church. This time I was ready with my camera and the sun was cooperating beautifully. Kellie wants this to be the new Sunday tradition, lunch at Que Tal after church. We asked another friend, Kristin from our Spanish class, to join us today. While eating lunch, some other friends walked in - Debbie and Charles, from Virginia or the Carolinas, who are back on the island for a month or so.

Church was wonderful yesterday. Colin preached a great sermon, reminding us that our God-given gifts were not given to us for our own enjoyment or benefit but rather to help others, and that if we just say "yes" to God, he'll open doors, give us what we need to do the work he was planned for us. Colin offered his own testimony of how God has done mighty things through him and provided for his needs as well, just because he said yes. He was filling in for Chuck who is still recuperating from the malaria and dengue fever (he's up and about but not back up to speed). The new mission team was there, lots of new faces. Also met some of the medical volunteers who are helping out at Ms. Peggy's clinic - Dana, a pediatrician from Ohio, and Amanda, a physical therapist from Seattle. Really enjoyed our conversation before and after church. I told Amanda that I would pop over to the clinic this week and continuing talking about what the needs are in terms of physical therapy. Some neuro-peds, which neither she nor I have any experience with, is apparently a big need.

At lunch, we all decided that snorkeling was in order! Colin had meetings scheduled at Infinity Bay and Kellie wanted some company. We talked Kristin into coming along as well. There was a great rock n roll band playing all afternoon and Colin now has a commitment from them to play at one his charity fundraisers in March. Cool! We snorkeled way out through the deep channels and noted a number of "caves" or deep niches in the coral canyons that would be fun to explore. Saw a nice puffer fish, lots of parrot fish. Later, Kellie and I got in the beautiful infinity pool which is only for residents and guests, but Colin knows all the staff and gets permission for us to use the pool. I'll share some of those photos tomorrow.

Kellie and Moe will be staying with us this week; Colin is going to Texas for a huge fundraising benefit for the abused girls' home he is going to build here on the island. I should have many adventures to share!

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