Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Sunset Between Rains

We actually had a very cool sunset last night - sat right down onto the water, with just enough clouds to create interesting swirls in the sky and neat stripes across the sun.

We had a lot of rain overnight and again this morning. The clouds and sun keep trading off. Right now the sun is shining on part of the ocean and coupled with the wind, creating these silvery caps on the water.

More clouds are lurking around, though, ready to douse us again.

The jungle is threatening to take over our yard again. Our favorite gardener, Julio, showed up at 7 a.m. today, in the rain, wearing his poncho. As soon as the rain let up a little, he went down the hill and began cutting back the vegetation. He's actually gotten a lot of work done, despite frequent rains.

Yesterday we tackled advanced numbers in our Spanish class. And now I understand why I don't always understand the sales clerks and vendors when they tell me the price - the numbers change. For example, one hundred is ciento...two hundred is doscientos....three hundred is trescientos, etc....but then, all of a sudden, 500 and 900 decide to be different from everyone else and become quinientos (where I expected cincocientos) and novecientos (instead of nuevecientos). Ay yi yi! And sometimes you run the two numbers together without y (veintiuno) and sometimes you don't (treinta y tres). Why?

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  1. man, what a lot of rain!

    The Spanish...hahahahah, yes I remember being frustrated by the same things when I was learning. Think of the two ways of saying some numbers as being formal or lazy....long hand or short hand. Like you could say in english nineteen hundred and ninety five (1995)or you could say nineteen ninety five.

    they ram a lot of things'll see later. For example, if you are going to a place that is a masculine noun instead of saying a (to) el banco (bank) you would ram it together and say al banco.

    Hang in there- you'll get it.