Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Beach Walk

Moe, on lizard watch

West End - looking for the veggie truck

Sandy Bay

The beach in Sandy Bay

Yesterday was a beautiful day - sunny, warm, breezy - then some afternoon clouds. Don and I did some grocery shopping in the morning and looked for the veggie truck in West End, but apparently he was still making his rounds. We stopped at Alba Foods to get American hamburger, but they were out until next Tuesday. Actually, they were out of most things. Plaza Mar had cat food but no cat litter. Wonder where you can buy that?

I met my friend, Tia, at church after lunch and we went on a long walk down the beach and sat on the dock in front of Tranquil Seas and talked. That was the cloudy part of the day - much appreciated! It was quiet and peaceful on the dock, perfect for visiting. As we were walking back to the church, the sun poked back out. I love that - the water is so beautiful in the sunlight, all shades of blue and turquoise. By the time we got back to church, it was almost time to pick up Kellie at the school next door, so I hung out in the church's coffee shop and enjoyed a mocha granita.

Moe has been itching to get out onto our deck. We are all a little concerned that he will get off the deck and be difficult to retrieve. Last night he spied a lizard and his tail was swinging back and forth, so Kellie opened the door to let him out. He zipped out so fast and had a little anole in his mouth in a flash. There it was, hanging from his mouth with its tail swinging around, legs twitching. And there was Kellie, scooping Moe up and squeezing him to release the lizard. I couldn't grab my camera in time to snap a picture before he dropped it. Boy, that little anole was off like a shot and went into deep hiding. Moe did manage to sneak off the deck, too, and jumped through the gate and up into the flower bed where he continued to terrorize lizards until we caught him. Such fun!

Tomorrow - pictures of the "vibrant markets" of Roatan!

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