Wednesday, February 25, 2009

And More Rain....

It just keeps coming. Rained hard all night. Very cool, too. By nightfall it was already dipping into the 60s. It has stayed cool today, too. Our power went off last night during the storm and stayed off until dawn.

Merlin came down early this morning - she often pops in around 7 a.m. as she's taking her brisk morning walk up/down the hill. She was distressed to learn that the leaf cutter ants ate her entire garden. Every tomato plant. Every pepper plant. Everything. And all her plants were doing very well - just loaded. Now all gone. We're hoping the ants won't discover our tomato plants. We have two in a large pot on the deck; Don just transplanted five more into the front flower bed. We'll see how long they last.

I've just come from the meat market where they got in a shipment of meat and cheeses. The cases were empty last week. I was able to buy some U.S. ground beef for almost $5.00/lb. Don't know what it's selling for in the States these days, but this seems pretty high. I'll have to ration it again. And I got five large, ripe tomatoes for about $2.50 from the farm truck. I got to practice my Spanish on the produce guys, too.

We are learning our numbers in Spanish, more advanced numbers (we all know 1-20) and how to add in Spanish. That was our homework for today. Can you believe it?! It will be useful though. We had a visitor in our class Monday. Freddy. He's a civil engineer here working on paving the roads (I seriously gave him a round of applause!) and wants to learn English for his job. It was interesting asking him questions in Spanish and having him answer us in English. I told him I was a terapeuta fisica. We love our class.

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