Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sunday - revisited

Our friend and houseguest, Kellie

The beach in front of Infinity Bay

More of Tabyana Beach

Infinity Bay Resort/condos

Infinity Bay courtyard

Here are the photos from Sunday afternoon's snorkeling/swim session at Infinity Bay. This resort and Lawson's Rock are two of the places the rich and famous stay. We just visit.

I forgot to mention Don's conversation with Ms. Peggy (the nurse who founded Clinica Esperanza) on Sunday morning. They were discussing malaria as several others in our church may have contracted it. She said she doesn't really believe in wasting time taking the blood test for malaria. She said the symptoms are obvious, the treatment is cheap, may as well just get started on the drugs. Then she said, "of course, you could just drink gin and tonic - the quinine in the tonic is the same as the quinine in the anti-malarial drugs and acts as a good preventitive." !

Our friend, Dennis, said he knew that bit of local wisdom, in fact, that was why he drank gin and tonic. He would just drink the tonic but it tastes so awful that he has to add some gin to make it drinkable (all said tongue-in-cheek - typical Dennis).

So there's your tip for the day!

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  1. It all looks beautiful! You must get SO tired of all that sunshine! :)

    We had a GREAT weekend down at ACU with Cara. Saw Little Women THREE times, and it was fun every time. LOTS more fun when your kid is not just in a chorus!! She did a great job singing, and the show was lots of fun. Also had fun as my parents came as well as brother John and wife Talya, and my parents reacquainted themselves with friends from years ago I last saw when in third grade. Had fun showing them the ACU campus and visiting Frontier Texas!

    Judy and Jackie got back Saturday from California. We spent a little time yesterday together after Bible class but since it was Jackie's BD she blew out of there early. Today she came in for water aerobics but decided she was too tired to stay here. So we set something up to get together Friday--we'll see!! I've got to work on a women's ministry newsletter anyhow, so it's all good!

    Well, keep enjoying that sunshine. Our temp here today started in low 50s but is dropping down to 22 today. Seems a good day to stay inside after all!

    Miss you around here, but wouldn't want to take you from Paradise! Got caught up on a few blogs today. Seems things are going well. TTYL Love, Deb