Monday, February 9, 2009


Last night's sunset was rather subtle. Didn't think we would have one - the clouds had been pretty thick all day, we'd had almost 1/2 inch of rain, but late in the day, the clouds thought about breaking up, as in the top photo, showing a bit of blue sky, then decided against it. Then, just before sunset, this one little window opened up, in one spot only, along the horizon. It was very clear in that one place, clear enough for us to see Utila (11 miles away) through the trees (second photo), and gave us this subtle little sunset. Nothing splashy - just a bit of color in an otherwise gray sky.

We were blessed last night to be able to commune with our Life group back in St. Louis via Skype. We've been wanting to do this for ages, but something always upset those plans. We were ready, just in case, with a bit of bread (actually a cracker) and a little wine, and had the computer on and connected to Skype. We were so excited when the Deatons called and to be able to see our group gathered together at the Deatons house, even if the images did jump around a bit and freeze up from time to time. Our elder, Jim Zeller, had a prayer and then we communed together. We loved being able to actually see everyone - Randy and Margaret; Jim and Kathy; Gary and Carol, Carla, Gail! We love you all and miss you.

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