Monday, January 19, 2009

Walking on Sunshine

We are enjoying a beautiful, sunny day! Whew! We needed to dry out a bit; we were beginning to get a bit waterlogged. I spent a long time outside with Moe this morning. We both had a fabulous time. I took my camera up with me and took a lot of pictures. Moe was so happy to be outside and found many lizards and geckos to chase. All managed to elude him, but he certainly put a lot of effort into it. He also ran down to the gate, meowing, like he was expecting Kellie to be coming through the gate any moment. There are a couple of large puddles in front of the gate and he was very intrigued by the reflections he saw. He stopped, stared, jumped back as he saw some movement, then moved closer, and finally had to paw at the water. He decided it was safe, took a little drink of the muddy water and then splashed around a bit. Later he was slapping and pawing around in the mud surrounding the puddle. Just like a little kid! He also enjoyed stretching out and laying in the sunny driveway. Rachel's dog, T-Bone, used to do this all the time and earned the nickname "driveway dog".

When it was time for me to go, Moe was upset with me for making him go back in the house. I don't blame him; it's much too pretty to be inside, but he'll get another outdoor adventure this afternoon when we go back up.

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