Friday, January 9, 2009

Peace disturbance

The sunset was just spectacular last night, one of those that just lingers and lingers, still glorious as it fades away. I took so many pictures that my rechargeable battery finally gave out, just as the fully lighted cruise ship sailed by! Bummer.
But then it was time to go; Kaleen was honking her horn for me to come on. We were off to a wonderful rejoining of the inter-island women's Bible study group. It was so good to be with these Christian sisters again. They are still working their way through Joanna Weaver's book, Having a Mary Spirit. Last night's chapter was devoted to PRIDE! Ugh. That one always gets me. We had a wonderful supper of chef's salad and freshly baked bread, followed by a very good discussion of pride and how it affects us all. We ended our time with intercessory prayer. Wonderful! Added more peace onto my plate.

This morning my peace came to a screeching halt and jumped overboard when I opened an e-mail from Medco (mail order pharmacy). They had finally filled my prescription for Protonix that I've been fighting for since the first week of November and were shipping it to my house in St. Louis! This is a long, unpleasant story; I'll try to make it brief. When we returned from the island at the end of Oct., I sent renewal requests to Medco, including the one for Protonix. They didn't refill it but eventually sent a letter saying that they had contacted my doctor requesting to change it to Nexium, despite having a letter of medical necessity on file that states that I cannot tolerate Nexium and have been approved to receive Protonix (which is not on their formularly, even though it costs LESS than Nexium). Then they sent me the Nexium, which I didn't take as it does unkind things to me. I called the doctor's office and was assured they would take care of it - and they tried, and tried, and tried. Meanwhile, I had to keep calling the office to check on the status. They ended up wrestling it out with the insurance company but finally got the approval, in writing, good through the end of 2010. It still wasn't filled. So I called Medco. Oh, they needed a new script. So I called the doctor's office and they faxed over a new script. This was on Dec. 22nd. Nothing happened even though I had told the pharmacist and customer service that I was leaving the country for 6 months on Jan. 3rd and needed to have this in hand. They just didn't think that was possible and wanted me to return the Nexium (that I had paid for). They were pretty sure it would take at least 5-7 days. Interesting, since I often receive prescriptions within 2 days of being refilled. So, Jan. 2nd arrives, still nothing. I checked the order status online and see NOTHING! So, once again, I call customer service. They had just received the script, they said, to which I replied, you told me that 10 days ago. It was obvious, even to me, that I would not get it before my 5:30 a.m. flight the next morning. I had already put in a change of address online but went over it again with the service rep to be sure.

You may recall from previous blogs that mail delivery is very sketchy here. Our missionary friends have mail forwarded to a box in Miami where it is picked up once a week and flown to Roatan and then delivered to their box in French Harbor. They had given me permission to have my meds delivered there while we're on Roatan.

So, this morning when I saw that enfuriating e-mail, double checked my shipping address online and discovered that it somehow had been changed back to the St. Louis address, I lost it. Lots of negative thoughts. I tried to call their 800 number, but for some reason, my call wouldn't go through, and I tried about 5 times. Finally, I gave up and sent a scathing e-mail and just when I pushed the "send" button, I got a message saying that my connection with Medco had "timed out". By now I had smoke coming out my ears. Fortunately, I was able to retrieve the message and re-send it. I strongly suggested that they make it right since it was their error all the way around. I also told them that I REALLY need the Protonix NOW (treats ulcers and acid reflux). I see that I have a reply from Medco waiting, but I'm still too upset to open it.

I'm sitting in my porch swing, trying to recover some peace.

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