Friday, January 16, 2009

More Feliz Cumpleanos

Happy birthday, Dave!!And Cheyenne!

Our family has a lot of birthdays in January. Today we celebrate (long-distance, of course) the 35th birthday of our son, who still likes to cook, and our great-niece who is 11 today.
When we called Dave in Wisconsin this morning to wish him a happy birthday, he reported a temperature of minus 21 degrees. I said we were a little on the cool side also; it was only 69 degrees this morning. I know that made him feel better.

We were hoping that the rain had stopped this morning, we've had almost 3 inches of rain this week, but no, it was not quite finished. We went on to French Harbor anyway to check Colin and Kaleen's air service mail drop box. They had given me permission to have my prescription meds delivered to their box. Some good news: the first part of my order had arrived safely. This is not the Protonix that I was having so much trouble with earlier - that has still not been shipped although I've been reassured this week that they will refill and reship that script to the proper address, at no additional charge. We'll see.

The second reason for our trip to French Harbor was to go by Eldon's in the hope that they would have a bag of lechuga (mixed leaf lettuces) and a can of shaving cream. No one has had any lechuga for a week now, and I'm getting desperate. I do have a salad addiction, it's true! And Sun did not have any shaving cream yesterday which Don desperately needs since his can of Hombre decided to empy itself inside his vanity drawer two days ago. Partial success! Eldon's had the shaving cream, but no lechuga. This is getting really serious. They did have a very few small, brownish heads of iceberg lettuce - I'm not that desperate. We made a another stop at Sun since we pass right by there anyway, and hallelujah! They had nice, fresh bags of lechuga. They also had jalepenos for the pico de gallo I wanted to make. We were feeling positively celebratory. We discussed going out for lunch, just as it began to rain hard, so we tabled that idea and headed home to tear into my precious bag of lechuga!!

Every trip out to Coxen Hole or French Harbor yields some strange sight that makes the whole trip worthwhile (for amusement sake). This morning we passed a man on a bicycle as he was pedaling uphill with a sleeping toddler slung over one shoulder. We also passed two young girls of maybe 9 years out with their scooters. One was riding in our lane and headed toward us, veering off the road at the last minute, and the other girl had a propane tank balanced on hers and thankfully stayed on the shoulder. There's a good idea!


  1. "his can of Hombre decided to empy itself inside his vanity drawer."

    That's awesome.

    btw: it warmed up to 4 here today! Woooo!

  2. HAHAHAHAA....I forgot the shaving cream brand was called Hombre. That really is soooo funny. Thank goodness the lechuga is back.

    I can't believe Dave is 35. Dang he is old. I'll call and tell him so in a bit.