Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Different Beach Walk

Debi and I met our friend, Kristen, in West End for a walk. We headed west toward West Bay and soon ran out of nice sand beach, encountering instead lots of rocks to scamper over. Debi and I were wearing flip flops (or were barefooted part of the time) - not exactly prepared for walking over rocks, and even though most of the rocks were smooth, they were also slick when wet. We walked as far as we dared before turning around. Next time we'll wear more appropriate shoes - Tevas! and maybe make it all the way to West Bay. It is a very beautiful walk, even on a cloudy day. Here are some photos from that walk on Wednesday. We've decided to hold off on the longer walk to West Bay until all the mainlanders go home after Semana Santa..

Great! The power just went off - first time in 2 days. It is hot again today and many, many extra people are on the island. The water is looking really good. Right after my siesta in the hammock!

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