Friday, April 3, 2009

Haze, Heat and Sulfur

I've mentioned how hazy it has been here all week along with the increased temperatures. This is one of the better sunsets from the week.

This shows the haziness better. I still don't know the reason for it. While it's not as obvious during the daytime, it is still present. And this morning, when we returned from town, there was a very strong sulfur smell wafting through the air on the breeze. At least we had a breeze, but it was smelly.

Yesterday was the hottest day thus far, 97 degrees outside and 95 inside - no breeze at all and then the power went out, leaving us with out fans to push around the hot air, and even worse, without the one air-conditioned room that is our haven on these toasty days. Fortunately, that occurred late in the day and was only off for 1-1/2 hours or so.

This morning we woke up around 4:30 a.m. when the power went off again and the APC beeped. This time it was off for 3-1/2 hours. Not so bad early in the morning when it is still relatively cool, although the humidity is always very high in the mornings.

Sunset in West End, ordinarily a very pretty spot for sunsets.

More success today! We went back to immigration in Coxen Hole, taking Merlin with us to interpret. She laughs and jokes so much, she had the officer laughing. We encountered no difficulty at all. He extended our visas for 30 days, so we'll have to return next month, but just charged us the usual $20. per person per month fee. Much cheaper than a trip out of the country. We were both prepared to pay considerably more (shhhhh! don't say a word!). He filled out the paperwork, then had us take it across the street to the bank to pay the fee and get a receipt. So he wasn't pocketing the money. I understand that there has been a crack-down on immigration corruption lately. Just as we were finishing up, our friend Kristen came in to renew her visa. It was her third attempt this week.

We bought some fish and shrimp from the street vendor. Shrimp season ends on the last day of April, so we stuck some in the freezer to tide us over. Earlier in the week, Merlin called to ask if we wanted some just-caught fish and when we answered affirmatively, sent the fisherman down to our house. We bought a nice 3 pound red snapper and a 2 pound jackfish - I don't know what kind of jack and there are several different types, but it was delicious! I cut off the head, even though we grilled the whole fish. I'm not crazy about looking at the poor thing's head while eating. Merlin was horrified! She couldn't believe I would waste her favorite part of the fish. I couldn't believe anyone in their right mind would actually eat the head, except maybe a dog. She boils it, pulls off what meat there is and makes a soup. I'll save the next one for her. I'm sure not going to eat it.

I had some of the fish left over and made fish tacos with cilantro slaw the next day - fantastic! Don won't eat fish tacos, only beef. It's funny how different our tastebuds can be - fish heads, fish tacos...


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