Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Nesting

Our little hummingbird has been hard at work all day since dawn building a nest on the end of our clothesline rope.

The rope is hanging down next to the brown support post. We thought that looked like such a precarious spot, subject to wind gusts, kind of hung out there in the open.

As she worked on the nest, I noticed some threads on the back end, and thought that it was just a spider's web at first glance. I realized that she was adding guy wires for additional support and protection from the wind.

There appears to be a bit of nectar hanging on the tip of her beak. She poked her beak into the nesting materials. Perhaps the nectar serves as a glue?

Hanging there.

Here's another view of her guy wire.

She's apparently not too afraid of us, even when I hung some clothes on the line, she kept on working. I will try to keep some distance though.

She periodically tests the strength of her nest by bouncing in it.

This purple plant grows all over our yard. She made multiple trips to the plants, collecting something which was not obvious to my naked eye. Perhaps some type of sap?

We moved our table and chairs over to give her a bit more space, but she really doesn't seem too bothered by us. Sometimes she'll back off a little and hover, until she's certain of our movements, then she continues her work.

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