Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Well folks, in a shocking bit of news, apparently turning 60 has warped Jeanette's mind, and she and Don have become nudists! Yes, you heard that right. They celebrated Jeanette's birthday last night by joining a new nudist colony. As you can see in the above photo, they are still a bit shy about the whole transition and were happy to make use of these large leaves. Rachel may be right about her mother - that crazy woman will try anything!! And Don - well, if you know him very well, you know he is a bit of an exhibitionist anyway.

Ok, seriously, 60 may be beautiful but only fully clothed!

I wrote this tongue-in-cheek for Don's friend Darryll who suggested that I makeup some outlandish tales to spice up my blog. He actually suggested pirates, but I felt drawn by the back-to-nature feature.

We actually celebrated my birthday last night by visiting a new restaurant in West Bay called Bocca's. Beautiful, elegant setting.

Our good friends Bob, Debi and Kristin joyfully helped us celebrate. Debi is an avid photographer so, of course, we had a spontaneous photo shoot in the beautifully landscaped area outside the restaurant (and inside). Our waiter saw us and came out to take a few photos of all of us. Thanks, Sibeno! We had hoped to catch the sunset before dinner, but the view was actually blocked by another building, and a low cloud bank or band of haze along the horizon quickly obliterated the sun anyway. We were initially the only customers in the restaurant, so, of course, we got excellent service. We had a lovely meal and were very blessed to share this occasion with new friends.

Today, I was treated to a girls' only lunch with pals Debi and Tia. Great fun! So thankful to have friends here help mark the occasion, otherwise, I would have really been missing family and friends back home. It's also wonderful to have e-mail and Facebook greetings. Now if only Skype would work today so all my family can call....

I share my birthday with our young friend, Kellie. She is 13 today and is much more excited about that than I am about mine. Her dad is throwing a casual party tonight for Kellie (and me). The housekeeper is making pastelitos (kind of like an empanada - a fried meat and rice pie) among other things. Kellie has promised to finally break out the Godiva chocolate she's been hoarding.


  1. I love the way you guys throw yourselves into your work. Thanks for the thrill. Nudists.... for crying out loud :>)

  2. Besides, I can tell that you were not nude.....Don still had his glasses on!

  3. If we grew leaves THAT big around here, even I'd consider nudism -- at least in the warm weather months! And is that a drink in front of you in the restaurant shot or a goldfish bowl? Texas has nothing on Roatan. Seriously Jeanette, happy 60th birthday. You'll discover as Sherry and I (and the old guy you live with) have, that aside from the Polident, Geritol and Depends, that milestone is not really that bad.
    -- Cousin Phil

  4. Oh yeah! In all the excitement forgot to say happy birthday. Happy (belated) Birthday!