Monday, April 13, 2009

Recent Visitors

We've recently had a rash of visitors, some normal, some unusual and some rather nosey. I flipped on the bathroom light a couple of nights ago and discovered this little tree frog sitting on the counter behind the sink. How on earth did he get there? And where did he go - he was nowhere to be seen the next morning.

This is not the best photo of this beautiful cat, but she was moving just as I snapped it. This is one of Moe's "girlfriends" looking for Moe. He had been here earlier but had gone back up the hill.

The Purse Snatcher: Ok, this is just funny. Dennis takes his four dogs out for a long walk twice a day to run off some energy, and they love to run down our stairs and greet us when passing by. The girl black lab had just acquired this lovely purse from another neighbor who was throwing it out just as the dogs came past; Lightening saw the purse and had to have it. She proudly came strutting down the stairs with it in her mouth to show me. Pretty cute! And it goes well with her coat.

The Peeper: We came home from church yesterday to find this guy peeking in our door. I think he saw his reflection and thought he was looking at another very handsome lizard. This is the same nosey guy who was looking the in the guest bedroom window while we were painting.

What is it? This is a hummingbird sitting on a loose end of my clothesline. Admittedly, it is not the best picture, but it is the best I could do before he flew away. He's been back to perch here a number of times, but I have never had my camera or been able to grab it in time.

I saw a rather large bright green iguana crossing our yard a couple of days ago. At first I heard a lot of rustling in the trees and then in the plants, and finally he came into view. Of course, by the time I got my camera, he had crossed the yard to the banana trees; I could hear him rustling but I couldn't see him. Speaking of iguanas reminded me that today, driving back from French Harbor, Don ran over an iguana. He saw him, slowed down, but the iguana also slowed down and reversed directions which brought him right under our wheel. Ick. He wasn't terribly big, maybe 18 inches from nose to tip of tail. We felt bad.

Moe was down here visiting one day when Don was painting in our room. Don had just noticed a taxi pull up on the road beside our house. Now, a little background info is in order: on cruise ship days, we have noticed an increasing number of taxis bringing cruisers up our hill to show off our view (it is that fabulous!) and they get out of the car and take photos. The drivers have been getting bolder though, even driving up the hill past Dennis and Merlin's gates or around the side of the hill just below their house, and this makes Merlin see red! This is a private road on private property, not a scenic lookout, she reminds us and we've been asked to run off any taxis we see. So, Don has just noticed this taxi pulling up when out of the corner of his eye he sees Moe jump up onto our window screen - he yells at Moe "GET OUT OF THERE!!!", Moe jumps down and takes off and the taxi squeals away. Mission accomplished. Merlin laughed and laughed when he told her this story.

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