Tuesday, April 21, 2009


We were thrilled when some clouds rolled in late yesterday afternoon. Not only could we use some rain to settle the dust and water the flowers but the clouds produce spectacular sunsets.

The dark clouds all too soon hid the sun but not before I got these great shots.

Then we were off to a potluck dinner up the hill at Colin and Kellie's house. I tried out a new chicken enchilada batter bake recipe - very good! Just as the oven was heating up, the propane gas tank ran out. Fortunately, we have a spare on the gas grill so the baking process wasn't delayed by much. We had a good time, welcoming a young couple back to the island and meeting their new baby. And Kellie finally forked over the Godiva chocolates she'd been promising me.

No rain yet. And no power again this morning for a couple of hours. Well, at least the coffee had finished brewing before it went off. The sunrise was nice, a little sliver of moon still visible, the sea was calm, time for a snorkel! And it was awesome. Lots of colorful fish. Nice.

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  1. Ok, so I know that these posts are a year old, but maybe you'll see them anyway. I'm checking for April to see how it goes there on Roatan for that month..I want to come to Roatan for April. I love your snorkeling stories. I snorkel and scuba dive. So you went snorkeling by moonlight, that is awesome. I can't wait. Thanks for sharing. Anna