Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wahoo on the Beach

Debi and I enjoyed a cool, cloudy walk on the beach this morning and even got rained on, which we didn't mind, other than trying to keep the cameras dry. We saw some interesting sights, as we always do, which is why we bring the cameras.

We encountered the girls in the above photo earlier in our walk, each carrying one puppy. So cute, but we didn't take a picture. But when we saw them again, with the boys and more puppies, we had to stop and take pictures. Cute little fur balls - about 4 weeks old, and all spoken for, Rachel, who keeps thinking I need a dog.

We walked a bit further and saw a man attempting to remove something large and heavy from a black trash bag. That got the better of Debi's curiosity and she had to go ask what he was doing.
As we drew near, we could see that he had 2 large fish heads unwrapped and resting in a plastic wash basin. He said they were Wahoo heads that had been discarded by someone who only wanted the body. He said there was plenty of good eating in those heads, which also had part of the body to just past the gills. I told him my friend Merlin says fish heads are her favorite part. He said many island people like them cooked in a big pot with other seafood. The fish heads were frozen, so he was going to wash them (in the ocean) and thaw them out. I didn't take a picture of that - thought it was really a bit gross.

A little later, as Don and I were driving into French Harbor, in the rain, we spotted a man walking beside the road carrying a four foot long Wahoo slung over his shoulder! Wahoo day on the island. I haven't tried Wahoo yet, but understand that it is very delicious if cooked properly. I'm not so sure about Wahoo heads, though.

Our objective in French Harbor was to check out the new, huge Eldon's supermarket that everyone has been raving about. It is big, well-stocked, complete with a bakery, deli, and large frozen food section. Just like a U.S. market. With U.S. prices on many goods. Much better selection of meats. If Don is ever willing to shell out $12-15 per pound for U.S. beef, he could have a nice pot roast or filet. Very impressive.

The bank was closed today. Another holiday, Cultural Awareness Day, I think. I had hoped to make it back to Sandy Bay to the school Kellie attends to watch her in the pole dance (not THAT kind of pole dance - like a Maypole), but we were too late.

Our power was still off when we got home - four hours this time, so to avoid opening the refrigerator, Don ate herring in Louisana hot sauce on crackers with vinegar (ugh!) and I had peanut butter on crackers and a banana.

While eating lunch on the deck, we noticed that the hummingbird was beginning to build a nest on that bit of clothesline that he(she?) has grown fond of. I was able to get a better picture this time. I'll be taking pictures of the nest building and egg laying/hatching. Hope I don't get my head pecked. This nest will be about 2 feet away from our table where we eat all our meals.


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  1. Be careful. Hummingbirds are vicious little things. Cute, though.