Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We Have One Egg!

I've been trying to peek inside the nest for at least a day, waiting for mama hummer to leave the nest, dragging my step stool closer, in hopes of spotting an egg, all rather nervously done. She's still leaves the nest, but less frequently today and appears to be sitting still most of the time. I wondered about this, having read that hummers generally lay two eggs, sometimes a day or two apart, and usually will not begin incubating them until the second egg has been laid. During the laying process, she will shake and wiggle, which I had noticed her doing yesterday. Liking Maria's suggestion to simply hold the camera above the nest and snap it, I waited for an opportunity. Shortly after lunch, she left the nest, and I summoned my courage, quickly moved in close and held the camera just above the nest. And behold, there was one little egg! Thanks, Maria, for that suggestion. She was back quickly to resume sitting. I don't know if she will squeeze out another egg since she appears to be incubating already.

It is a cloudy, cooler day, perfect for laying in the hammock, right? I attempted to stretch the hammock out to attach it to the second hook and mama hummer left the nest, hovering and fussing at me. Clearly unhappy with my efforts. I then remembered reading how the female hummer will chase the male hummer away from the completed nest for fear that his bright plummage will attract predators. My hammock is brightly colored; she views it as a risk. Darn.

We had a bit of rain early this morning, followed by this bit of a rainbow, looking like it's wrapped around the cloud.

If you're wondering if I have nothing more exciting to write about than our hummingbird and rain, you're right. Our car is still in the shop, where it has been since last Friday morning, awaiting the repair of the air conditioner. Henry, the Toyota mechanic, called this morning to say that the wrong part had been shipped over, he had ordered the correct one and it would be on the last plane to Roatan this afternoon, and hopefully ready to go tomorrow. So, we have been grounded since Colin returned on Sunday and we lost the use of his vehicle. We've just been chillin', reading, doing a few chores. Don's writing a computer program in Java, a computer language he has been teaching himself since Christmas. I've been online doing genealogy. So we're good.

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