Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Two Eggs!!

Yes, we now have two hummingbird eggs!!

This is not the most well focused photo, but I had to act quickly to even get this shot. I was pretty certain that mama hummer had laid another egg this morning from all the shaking and wiggling she had done, so as soon as she flew off, I ran over with the camera. She wasn't gone long at all - incubation has begun.

My daughter-in-law was able to identify the hummer as a Canivet's Emerald. I have spent a lot of time online, looking at hummingbird sites, trying to identify her. Most of the sites seem to focus on North American hummers or South American birds, very little on Central America in general. I had seen a picture of a male Canivet's Emerald taken in Belize and thought that was a possibility for our female, but wasn't sure. Once Tracy made the i.d. and I googled that name, up popped several sites with Honduran hummingbirds and one on Roatan birds. Finally!! The Roatan site had photos of both male and female Canivet's and said that there are four variations of Canivet's in Honduras, two of those commonly seen on Roatan. So thank you, Tracy! It's good to have a scientist in the family :-)

We also have this hawk as a frequent guest in the taller trees across the ravine from our deck. We got the telescope out for a better look. He had an orangy-gold beak and feet and was holding one foot up in front of him, like it was injured. In fact, it looked damaged, possibly missing some talons.

Two hawks are better than one.

Again, not the best photo, but the light was fading and before I could try for a better shot, the hawk on the left flew off.

Last night's sunset.

We are into day 6 of no car. This is beginning to get old. Today we did some painting, and I washed a couple of windows before it started raining again. Don had just remarked that we had not lost power in 3 days when, poof, off went the power! Only down 1-1/2 hours this time.

Saw a hilarious article in the Honduras News (in English) this morning about how Honduras has an embargo on importing pork from Mexico and the U.S. due to swine flu. Whew! I had a good laugh over that one. Later on, I saw a posting from Ted at one of the island resorts, known for their Thursday night pig roasts. He quoted the assistant director of the CDC in Atlanta who said "you don't get swine flu from eating pork." I also saw in the paper that the airports in Honduras are screening people for swine flu as they enter the country. So don't come if you are sick.

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  1. Hi Jeanette, thanks for the info on the swine flu and enetering Honduras. I will remember to bring a copy of my H1N1 shot. Yes, the word 'swine' is out of context on the flu. They say it's asian in origin, but I don't actually know. Birds do keep their beaks open when they are hot, I have had alot of birds both domestic and other in house pets. Love the hummingbird