Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day Seven

The sunlight really shows off the beautiful green coloring on our Canivet's Emerald hummingbird. She may regret her building her nest on our deck exposed to the afternoon sun. She's sitting on the nest with her beak open. Do birds keep their mouths open when hot like a dog does?

When she leaves the nest to grab a bite to eat and we're out on the deck, she flies right up to us and hovers, as though to say "I'm stepping out for a minute - keep your distance from my nest" and then she flies off.

Ok, so day seven without a car. Definitely getting old. Don tried to call Henry, the mechanic, this morning, only to discover that my pre-paid card had run out on the cell phone. We were helping Colin move this morning, so we borrowed a phone and made the call. Henry, in his limited English kept saying something about an "inductor" which Don could not understand, and he finally gave up. It appears that our car is still not ready, although we don't know why.

One of our new missionary friends, Rick, was also helping with the move and heard us talking about the car and how we were in serious need of a trip to the grocery store and the immigration office. He offered to take us to both places this afternoon. We offered to buy him lunch. Good trade. The first thing we did was buy more pre-paid phone cards, then on to immigration. The immigration office was closed when we arrived, so we went to get a late lunch; when we returned to the immigration office, it was still closed with a line of 5 or more men waiting for the agent. One of the men told us that the office would not be open tomorrow (as we had already heard) as it is a holiday (they have more holidays down here!!), but that it would be open Saturday, but "come early, between 9 a.m. - 10:30 a.m." Heavy traffic at the airport on Saturday requires his presence. Our visas expire on Sunday.

We decided to go by the Kia dealer and speak with the woman in the office who is bi-lingual, hoping for a better explanation of "inductor" or whatever the current problem may be. Henry was at the bank, and no one else knew the status of our car repair. Trips to the bank can take a long time, so we left. On the to grocery store. We were out of all perishables. We did pretty good at finding what we needed EXCEPT - no bread, no buns. That's not good.

Rick brought us and our groceries home and we tried to call Henry one more time, just in case the car was magically ready and Rick could drop us off. Nope, no Henry. So....manana. Oh, wait, tomorrow is a holiday. Now I'm really bummed out!

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