Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday Brunch

As you can see, Moe chose the lizard "special of the day" for his Sunday brunch. Man, he's fast! He just darted out the door and had this little lizard in mouth in a flash. He wouldn't drop him either until he got over into the front flower bed, and then the lizard got away. He stalked and hunted for the longest time but failed to turn up another treat. I think all the geckos have gone into hiding.

We picked Colin up from the airport after church and sent Moe home with him. Victim of bad behavior - Moe's never been this naughty before. Putting him in the house for time out did no good; he just hopped up on the counter, up on the cabinets, up on the beams. Bad cat!! The hunting is just too good here. I fully expected him to come back down the hill to visit and hunt. Maybe Colin wouldn't let him out.

The hummer has been quite nervous ever since Moe chased her from her nest. When Moe was still here, she would approach cautiously, hovering, until she determined the path was clear. She's still doing that, even though Moe is gone. She's getting more bold in flying right up to me and hovering near my face. I get the feeling that she's not too happy to have me sitting so near her nest, so I have moved back over onto the porch swing, a good 10 feet away. She even flew up to us during lunch as though challenging our right to sit at the deck table. I think she is nearly ready to lay her eggs; she's not only more aggressive, she's spending more and more time just sitting in the nest, wiggling, all through the day. I'm a bit too short to peer into the nest to check for eggs, so I asked Don to look. He declined, saying he had no desire to be pecked. Guess I'll have to resort to my step stool while she's off the nest. Wish me luck.

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