Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Stalker

Yes, that is Moe on top of my kitchen cabinet. Moe has gone insane. Last night he chased a lizard up onto our roof. When we put him inside for the night, he promptly jumped up onto the kitchen counter, up on top of the cabinets and then...

he walked along the exposed beams of our ceiling, stalking his prey - geckos. He was just wild. I finally pulled him down, turned off the lights and closed the door of the guest quarters. He was probably right back up there once I left.

Kellie's theory that he has lost interest in hummingbirds proved false when I let the wild man outside this morning; he immediately ran after the incoming hummer. Back into the house he went until the hummer had finished her morning construction.

Next time we let him out, he ran off into the yard and down under the house, chasing anything that moved. Awhile later he returned, limping, stopping to lick his back paw. We picked him up and discovered a sharp rock wedged between his pads and removed it. He continued to stop and lick his paw and finally came to me, meowing. I picked him up and looked again and he had sticky, sappy or tarry stuff stuck all between his pads. It didn't want to release, so I got out the GooGone and tried that; some came off but some remained. When I saw him continue to lick, I grabbed him to wash off the GooGone - licking that stuff can't be good for him. He needed a big long siesta after all that!

Meanwhile, the hummer returned to work on the nest. I'm still trying to learn what type of hummer she is - so if anyone knows, please leave a comment.

This will give you an idea of the size of the nest. She added a another nice downy layer today.

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