Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Beach Front Property

Beach walks provide an opportunity to see how many people live along the water front. There are all types of houses, grand and not-so-grand, interspersed with pulperias (mini-marts), schools, churches, dive shops and restaurants. The blue building above is a small pulperia on the front left and the remainder is a school. The goal posts are prevalent and impromptu games are frequent. Islanders love both football (soccer) and baseball.

A beachfront island food restaurant.

Church of God Universal - several of these just along the Sandy Bay beach.

Another pulperia, this one closed for the day. Note the 5 gallon water jugs lined up against the side of the building. Many people on the beach do not have potable water in their homes and most of the poorer families have no plumbing inside their houses. They all rely on these large jugs of drinking water. They will wash clothes in rainwater, a small creek, or whatever water they can find.

Here are a few other houses; many are rental properties. We love looking at the various buildings and always see something we've never noticed before, like the viewing platform without stairs or ladder access, that we suddenly saw on Monday. And wondered...how does anyone get up there? We also love meeting all kinds of people and greeting them. I get to practice my Spanish quite often.

We're on sort of a spring break from Spanish classes. We've finished our first 10 lessons, half our class has dropped out and Leonor needs a rest. She teaches first grade everyday, Spanish two nights a week, ESL on other nights, and tutors neighborhood kids on Sat. and Sun. She deserves a break! Our car is in the shop having its squeaky wheel investigated, so we're going nowhere.

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