Thursday, March 12, 2009

Painting Woes

Today was the day. We bought the paint, found one color to be too dark for our tastes (see left of window), bought more paint and prepared. No more procrastination. We must take advantage of this remaining "cooler" weather and get the job done, we told ourselves - actually, I told us. We neither one like to paint. Above is the guest room, oops - I mean Rachel's room (but only when she's here - otherwise, it's up for grabs), being prepared to receive paint. Those pink flowers outside the window are bougainvilleas.

I manned the roller, Don took the brush and did all the trim. I was pretty pleased with myself; I did not dribble, spill, drop, spray or in any other way make a mess - until my very last roller fill when I managed to blow a few drops out onto my white shorts and my leg. And the latex paint is apparently not washable from cloth. In about 3 hours, we painted and trimmed the guest room and the breakfast room. We were feeling pretty good, until we noticed that the paint was drying streaky, no, the paint was dry and was streaky as all get-out.

This is a corner of the breakfast room.

This is the painted guest room. The oval to the upper left of the window is a reflection, as is the bright spot to the right of the window - anything else is just streaks.

Yesterday I painted the new shelves with white paint from Serrano's - terrible paint. Should be labeled "white-wash", in fact, I may use the rest of it to white-wash our curvy concrete stairway. The peachy paint came from the Glidden store and was a custom mix, but the paint was made in Central America and is not labeled "Glidden", still I expected better coverage. This could be called "peach-wash". Clearly we will have to do a second coat, including a second trim job. That does not make us happy. But first, I need to find decent paint.

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