Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Sea and The Sun

The sea has looked very unusual all day today, like ribbons of blue in various hues. The sea is also amazingly calm and still. At high tide there were no white waves breaking over the reef, just quiet.

Yesterday I noticed this interesting pattern out in the water, almost like someone had taken a very large paint roller of lighter blue paint and swiped it over the sea. I wonder if there is some unusual activity going on in the ocean, like some massive spawning of fish....?

I haven't posted any sunset pictures for awhile. We had a long stretch of cloud-free days which generally produce less colorful, sunsets. I took this one a couple of days ago when some late-in-the-day clouds appeared.

I took this last night. No clouds to speak of, but still a very pretty sunset. Later, as the sun was setting on the ocean, the cruise ship sailed below it. I took a picture of that, but the light was fading and the ship was so far away, that it looks more like a gray silhoutte.

Our car is still in the shop, awaiting a part from La Ceiba that will arrive today on the ferry. Henry, the Toyota mechanic, says it is a wheel bearing. The part and labor will be around $200! Clearly, he doesn't charge $100. per hour labor. Don had to hitch a ride from our friend, Colin, to take money for the part to Henry so he can get it off the ferry. He also identified the reason our air-conditioner isn't cooling - the condenser has a leak. He estimated $250. to repair or $500. to replace. Don said that was reasonable. We'll wait and do that next month.

Henry said there was a possibility he would have the car ready by tonight and if so, he may deliver it to us. Don't get that service in the States! If the car isn't back, I'll have to walk down the hill and catch a taxi to the inter-island women's Bible study. My friend, Kristen, will try to get her taxi driver to stop and pick me up. We'll see if that works. Hopefully I can get someone to drive me home; I'm very leary of taking a taxi after dark, especially because the drivers will stop and pickup additional passengers until their car is full and you never know how safe that is.

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  1. Your pictures bring back great memories of my mission trips!
    God bless and love,
    Luke 18:1