Sunday, March 22, 2009

Guard Rail, Roatan Style

This is how they do it here. This hole is actually quite deep. I'm impressed that they even tied a bit of blue plastic to the tree branches.
I'm not sure if this is the spot where the Caterpillar ran off the road, but our friend Courtney told us a funny story about the Cat the other day. She was driving behind him, going very slowly up and down the hills and around the curves, afraid to pass him. She didn't know if he was drunk or just a lousy driver, but he was weaving all over the road. And then she watched in horror as he ran off the road, down a bit of a hill into a ditch, breaking off a chunk of the road, and then tipping over and breaking in half (that's how she described it). We did notice some very deep ruts nearby.
Don said that it's not all that easy to drive a Cat; apparently you drive with foot pedals, so maybe the guy really didn't know how to operate it well. He'll probably never get a chance to learn; I imagine he's unemployed now.

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