Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunset, Sunrise, & Snorkeling on Cayos

Sunset on the leeward side of the island

Sunrise on the windward side - where our cabin faced.

We snorkeled only on the leeward side - much calmer. We swam out to the reef, and although there were some fish along the way to the reef, there was really no coral until we got further out. Where the color changes to dark blue, the water was very deep, lots of big coral formations: fans, brain coral, tubes, vases, sea rods, corky sea fingers, sheet coral, anemones. The most unusual fish we saw was a flying fish called a flying gurnard. It is dark gray with white spots and when alarmed, will extend its pectoral fins into wings. We also saw pipefish, barracuda, French angel, butterfly fish, wrasses, hamlets, basslets, parrotfish - all kinds, blue tang, grouper, squirrelfish, and much more. Just beautiful.

Truly paradise. You should come.

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