Sunday, March 1, 2009

Beautiful Day

Today was another spectacular day on an island somewhere in the Caribbean. It started with church which was really good today. Chuck's sermon on Luke 22 mentioned the potter's field and he then told us that he had been a potter for 15 years in California before becoming a preacher and coming to Roatan. He had some fascinating insights on potter's, how they throw their mistakes and broken pieces out into the field, and how nothing will grow there amidst the pottery shards. When Judas paid 30 pieces of silver for the potter's field, it was no longer useful for much except as a burial ground, a common fate. Very interesting analogies.

We then went to West End to lunch at Mavis and Dixie's with our friends, Debi and Bob. We had a conversation over lunch today concerning whether Roatan is thought of as a Caribbean island or merely a Honduran island in the Caribbean. We decided that we really don't care - we love it here!

Mavis and Dixie's is a neat place. Sits on a little spit of land separating Half Moon Bay from the other West End beach and we could see both sides from our table. The picture above is the Half Moon Bay side with the best beach for swimming.

This is looking the other direction where you'll find more dive boat docks and water taxis, still lovely. We had a wonderful cool, ocean breeze during our meal, good food and conversation. Debi and I occasionally hopped up to take another photo, lots of photo ops there. We practiced our Spanish with our waiter and learned some new words.

Our Canadian friend, Bob, showing off his fabulous lunch of saffron shrimp and rice. I had the same dish only with curry instead of saffron.

As we were leaving the restaurant, one of the owners, Dixie, came running after us to ask if we were Christian t.v. people. We said noooooooo......? She said one of the cooks, who is a newly baptized Christian, saw us come in and thought that I looked like that famous lady preacher on t.v. - Joyce Meyers!!!!! And if so, she wanted to meet me. Poor thing. I had to disappoint her. Hope that was her biggest disappointment today.

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