Friday, March 6, 2009

Don's Sunset

Don took this nice sunset photo last night while I was on my way to the inter-island women's Bible study. That's a cruise ship on the horizon, heading north to Belize or Cozumel, maybe.

Don's currently hacking on a coconut. We have four laying on the deck. Our gardener, Julio, showed Don how to hack into it using his machete, which he left for Don to use over the weekend. Don has just drained two glasses of coconut water from the first coconut - not bad! The locals sell coconuts with the tops lopped off and a straw stuck into it for the touristas to buy on the beach. Our friend, Merlin, makes an amazing snack, baking the coconut in the oven and seasoning it. She's promised to show me how.

Julio's butchered fingertip is looking better - seems to be healing. I changed the dressings twice today and then sent him home with first aid items to use over the weekend. Next week he'll be working up the hill at Dennis and Merlin's, so I'll be able to check on him.

We picked Kellie up from school at noon - Friday's are half-days here. Her dad was busy gearing up for the big weekend fundraiser for the abused girl's home he's building here, so I brought Kellie home and we had grilled cheese sandwiches made with Velveeta and watermelon, and then I challenged her to a game of Scrabble. We had to stop when her dad came to get her, but I was in the lead. Tomorrow, Don and I will be volunteering all day at the fundraiser being held at Gumbalimba Park. Don't know yet what we'll be doing, but it should be fun. That park is one of my favorite places on the island - home of the first canopy tour on the island, the monkey and macaw/parrot park, beautiful botanical garden, snuba diving and more. There will be food and live entertainment. I'm sure I'll have pictures to share...


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