Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I shot these pictures down on the beach yesterday. The wind was still blowing pretty strongly but had definitely eased up.

This pier suffered in the storm surge.

As soon as the sun starts peeking out, the ocean comes alive with color.

Still cloudy, but a patch of turquoise shows up in the distance.

By sunset, the wind had all but died down and it had cleared off. We had one of those silvery sunsets to cap the day. Our power went off again around 4 p.m., came back on around 5:30, in time for me to de-bone my chicken, but went off again before I got dinner on the table. Our Coleman fluorescent lantern decided not to work, so we dug out all the candles we could find...all three....little candles. Oh well, good enough to eat by, but not good enough to do dishes or read by. The power stayed off, we went to bed very, very early, even for us. Got to get some lamps or serious candles and figure out what is wrong with that lantern. The power came back on sometime during the night. It went off again this morning, maybe around 9 a.m. and just came back on mid-afternoon.

We went over to Blue Harbor this afternoon to visit some friends and Snider told us that Reco (the power company) was bringing a new generator online and had to have the power off for the switch. We'll see if it stays on long enough for me to cook dinner tonight...and eat it.

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