Saturday, March 14, 2009

More on Yesterday

Yesterday morning when we came out onto the deck to eat breakfast, we saw this large yacht. At first we thought it must belong to the Honduran president whose first lady was rumored to be on the island for various ceremonies, but it was not flying the Honduran flag. I grabbed the binoculars and Don got out the telescope. There was a large "B" on the side near the top. The flag was red with maybe a Union Jack in the upper left corner and something else that we couldn't make out. Any thoughts on the flag?

When we were snorkeling yesterday, we saw this little boat go by inside the reef. He apparently got caught in too shallow water and was hung up. He had a pole and was trying to free the boat.

We seldom see sea gulls here. This poor little guy decided he needed to go elsewhere and took off, but then just hovered there in mid-air, flapping his wings for all he was worth, trying to move ahead in the very brisk wind. He worked so hard and got nowhere. It was a funny sight. Finally, he was able to flip around, and then he literally blew down the coastline.

Don had quite the conversation yesterday with a couple from Australia who were on a 3 month holiday, just traveling around Central America and the Caribbean. We thought, gosh - that sounds like fun! and then we remembered where we were and thought, hey! this is fun, too.


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  2. I was investigating your flag question and came across a site that addresses world flags Try a search with a canton design and the color red and you will find many possibilities that match your description. Most of them are flags of British protectorates such as Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Caymon Islands, Turks & Caicos Islands, etc.