Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Moon by Night, Sun by Day

I awoke to another beautiful full moon shining down on the sea, and there, on the horizon below the moon, was a cruise ship slowly making its way to port. I don't know how well you can make this out (double click the photo to enlarge it), but look closely. You can even see a few lights from homes around Gibson's Bight. An amazing sight.

Debi and I walked the other direction this morning and only walked for one hour today. I had to walk in flip-flops - I have a huge, weeping blister on my big toe from getting sand on the inside of the strap of my sandal Monday. But it really didn't bother me to walk today. We love our early morning walks, talks and photo shoots. It is pretty quiet and peaceful on our beach - no tourists either. We saw this couple riding their horses along the beach - sounds romantic, doesn't it? Until you have to step over the horse droppings. We do see some sights on our walks - one of these days I'll post some of the more interesting photos.

Last night Don wanted spaghetti for dinner. I knew Kellie had been wanting to have spaghetti, so I called Colin and invited them for dinner. He had to run to a meeting, but promised to be back in time. Kellie came early, bringing a new board game with her, so we had a hot inaugural game of Sorry. Then we made garlic bread in my bread machine. She had never done that before and had a pretty good time with measuring ingredients, getting flour all over the place. She likes helping in the kitchen, breaking the spaghetti, unintentionally sending pieces flying. It's ok - I have a broom. Our one hour bread was not done in one hour when the machine shut off; the bread was definitely still doughy. I couldn't turn the machine back on to bake it a little longer because it would start the whole cycle over, mixing, kneading, etc., so I had no choice but to dump it out onto a cookie sheet and put it in the oven for 15-20 mins., and it turned out just fine. Tasted pretty good, too. Colin brought down some Godiva chocolates that the Texas crew had brought Kellie last weekend. Then, it was time for another game of Sorry.

Colin was able to shed some light on the mysterious military ship we saw yesterday. It is a U.S. Navy vessel, due to be commissioned in a ceremony here on Thursday with the U.S. ambassador attending. I had heard that the U.S. Navy had a small base on one of the other bay islands. I don't know why the ship is being commissioned here. Perhaps I'll know more after it happens. On Friday, Colin has the ground-breaking ceremony for the abused girls' home being built here. The ambassador will also attend that ceremony. Big doings on Roatan!

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