Monday, March 9, 2009

A Great Beach Walk

Debi took this shot of me early in our walk.

We encountered a rare sandpiper on the beach - seldom see those here.

This pier was hit by hurricane Mitch and has never been repaired.

Debi, talking and preparing to shoot a photo.

This morning was one of those crystal clear mornings where the colors are so vivid. Debi and I resumed our beach walks, now that her toe has healed. We met at church and walked west toward "our" beach area, below our house - a very long walk, and then back. I told Don I would probably be gone about an hour, but it was almost 2 hours. I love walking with Debi...she also loves to take photos and so we stop frequently for photo ops and, of course, talk the whole time. She's an avid seashell collector, so we have to keep a sharp eye out for interesting shells, although this stretch of beach doesn't get many washed ashore because of the fringing reef.

We walked through the surf, not minding that our Tevas were getting wet - not until the sand sticking to our wet feet began lining the inside of the sandal straps. I now have a huge blister on my big toe. I should have gone barefoot, and probably will be for awhile.

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