Monday, March 30, 2009

A Last Look at Cayos

Playing school - guess which one elected to be the teacher! She was bossy, too.

Their school. Only kindergarteners go here. First - sixth grades go by boat to Cayos Grande, older students must go to the mainland. One girl just left for Cuba to attend medical school!

This fooseball table seemed very out of place here, but I guess they all need a little recreation.

These men were doing a little carpentry work.

Dirty clothes pile. Clothes are washed by hand and hung on a line, a tree branch, a pile of rocks, or most anywhere to dry.

Iguana. I don't know if Garifuna eat iguanas, but many Hondurans do.

This precious little one had a small Bible opened on her lap like she was reading it, although I doubt that she is able to read just yet. This was during our evening worship time.

I loved this little one's big smile. Most Hondurans do not smile for the camera.

One of the women on kitchen duty.

This man was making jewelry to sell to visitors. He was smoothing the rough edges of a ring made from wood, which our friend Kellie then bought for $5. Several of the women also make and sell jewelry, all very inexpensive. I bought two necklaces for $10.

This little naked boy was getting picked on by the bigger kids and needed consoling. He didn't want me to put him down either! We found the Garifuna people to be warm, friendly and charming. I hope to go again some day.

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