Monday, March 16, 2009

Other Beach Scenes

I shot these pictures during my morning walk on the beach with Debi and Karen. These boys are about to share an orange. The islanders love oranges and will buy them peeled and cut in half from street vendors.

We encountered this brother and sister playing in the sand while nearby their father painted their porch railing.

These women were sitting out on their little veranda. I couldn't tell what the woman by the green tub was doing - possibly washing.

Saw this pelican and seagulls lined up on these posts offshore.

This is Brandy, showing off a star fish that had been left on top of that post. Debi wanted a shot of the star fish and Brandy was happy to assist her.

Brandy's little brother did not want to be left out. Look closely - you'll see sandy little tear tracks down his cheeks and a sandy little moustache. So precious!

This egret was wading in the creek that drains into the sea. A lovely end to our morning walk.

Don and I had to go into Coxen Hole this morning to pay our property tax. We were a wee bit concerned because we either lost last year's paid receipt or we left it in St. Louis. We were hoping that they would have record of us paying last year, you never know, but they did! They're even getting computerized, although not many employees know how to use computers. The young woman who waited on us did know how to look up records, but then she figured out our taxes by looking at our hard copy file and using an adding machine. She arrived at the figure of $208. Last year we paid $253. Have no idea how they get these figures. We carried the paperwork over to another window where another young woman wrote out a bill, in triplicate using carbon paper. We then carried that bill to yet another window, paid the amount and got a receipt which we will try not to lose.

Then it was on to the bank. We were told to come into the bank and bring our passports and bank book. A pretty cryptic message. We had no idea what would happen. Turns out they just like to update their records once a year. They copied our passports, asked if any phone numbers or addresses had changed, wrote our account number on top of some form that Don signed and sent us on our way. We were actually in and out pretty quickly. And relieved.

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