Wednesday, March 18, 2009


We're having a quiet day at home; the car is still in the shop, no word on what the problem is yet. The humidity is up today, making it feel warmer, although I think it is beginning to heat up here. No rain for about a week now. The newly transplanted lobster claw heliconias are looking pretty droopy and because of their location on the steep hillside, I can't get over there to water.

We saw our sometime gardener, Joe Leandro, in Coxen Hole this week; he recognized us (we gringos do stand out) and immediately started asking Don when he needed him to work. Joe is a hard worker, but we had communication problems with him: he doesn't listen, or maybe he doesn't understand us, but at any rate, he does what he wants to do not what we want done. We have been very pleased with our young part-time gardener, Julio, and would rather continue working with him. Don tried to tell Joe Leandro that we didn't need him, didn't need him next Monday...that we had just had work done and wouldn't need anyone for at least 3 weeks. I'm afraid that Joe Leandro will just show up here in about 3 weeks, expecting to work.

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